• "Drumming for women during pregnancy and labour is a skill and tool to be reclaimed; this is something women have been doing for much, much longer than they haven't."

    Jane Hardwicke-Collings

    Drumming during pregnancy:

    • reduces stress, increases relaxation;
    • calms both the mind and body;
    • brings a sense of sacredness to this immensely important rite of passage;
    • offers a way to open spiritual communication and connect with baby;
    • fosters a deep sense of trust of that connection with no need to use external machines.


    Drumming during labour:

    • Supports relaxation, trust and intuition;
    • Provides pain relief;
    • Supports the process of separation and entering an altered state;
    • Supports labour's transitions or unexpected pathways.
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    Drumming is also used during Mother Blessings and Closing the Bones ceremonies, and can also be used pre conception for conscious conception journeys.


    Please contact Helen directly for these and other drum healing sessions.