• Congratulations! and welcome to one of the most amazing and transformative experiences of your life!

    I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share this miraculous journey with you.

    mums birthing at home in Bendigo, Castlemaine and Maryborough


    My name is Helen, and I have been passionate about birth for over 25 years. I had both my children at home - yes you can do that for your first baby!

    Wherever you feel safe to have this baby, I'll be there to support you and help you make the decisions you need to, so that you feel physically, emotionally and psychologically safe. My support also extends to your partner and family. Together we can do-ula this!

    I'm all about birth preparation - preparing your body, your mind, your emotions and your spiritual self, to deal with the magnificent intensity of labour. Because I have experienced birth without medical pain relief or intervention, I know what it takes to achieve your dream birth.
    My years of yoga and meditation, movement and mindfulness, combined with modern techniques of active birth and reflective repatterning to clear fears and emotions, help prepare the whole of you, and baby, to get through this transformative time, not just barely, but fully, powerfully and enjoyably.
    I'll also work with you to prepare for looking after your baby, to set you up for a blissful postpartum period with all the support you need to make this huge transition into motherhood a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

    picture of Helen a doula servicing Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine and Kyneton areas


    If this is not your first baby and you have previous birth trauma to deal with, if you have tokophobia and other specific fears around birth, or you are dealing with anxiety, stress or other trauma, I have specific techniques to assist you in overcoming all of these. These techniques have been shown to clear these fears and trauma in many women, including myself, to set them up for a fear-free and pain-free birth - and let's face it - who wouldn't want that?

    Did you even know that pain-free, fear-free childbirth is possible?!

    Call me today if you would like to find out more and we can have a chat about how I can help you.


    For attendance at births I cover the regions of Castlemaine, Bendigo, Ballarat, Daylesford, Kyneton, Maryborough and births at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne.


    Much of my Fearless Birthing work is done online, so I can also support you in this way from anywhere in the world.


    doula supporting a woman in labour at Bendigo, Castlemaine, Maryborough, Kyneton and Ballarat



    in your own home or birth place

    mums and bubs yoga class


    Awakening Yoga Studio

    4 Lewis Drive



    shamanic drum used for doula sessions during pregnancy and birth


    as preparation for conception, pregnancy and during labour

    empowered woman having had a fearless birth in Bendigo


    using the Head Trash Clearance method

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    Let's meet for a cuppa online or in person in Castlemaine. I am a doula who has been passionate about normal physiological birth for over 25 years. I am passionate about supporting women through labour and their sacred rite of passage into motherhood. I tell it like it is because my passion comes from a deep place of love and wanting the best for you and your family. Please contact me directly if there is no suitable time available.
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