Your body

    Your baby

    Your birth

    Your choice


    You want the best for your birth, and your baby.

    You know intuitively that you want a natural physiological birth but the stories you hear are beginning to make you doubt that's possible.

    Perhaps you believe the hospital is the safest place to birth but you want to avoid intervention.

    Maybe you feel anxious or unsure about your choices, labour or potential birth outcome.


    You want to know what it takes to achieve your natural physiological birth.


    You want to find someone with experience to show you what's missing.


    You want an ally who has been through natural physiological birth to walk beside you on your journey, someone on your team who will listen to your fears without judgement, someone who believes in you, someone to support, inspire and motivate you.


    That's where I come in.

    pregnant woman preparing for rite of passage of birth with a doula
    Helen birth doula and yoga teacher


    My name is Helen and I am a pregnancy, birth and postpartum preparation and support worker and a movement and mindfulness instructor.

    I birthed both my children at home. I have been passionate about normal, natural, physiological birth, for over 25 years.

    I am now passionate about serving you to prepare for the birth you want and assisting you to navigate through the birth journey, so that whatever the route or outcome, you feel physically and emotionally safe.

    I hold a deep sense of trust in you, your body and your baby, and know that you will birth beautifully, despite the intensity.

    Together we can create the individual approach you need, so you feel safe and supported, confident and trusting in your choices, your body and your birthing ability. 


    Call me today to discuss your individual needs for this birth.


    Pregnancy leads to a sacred rite of passage - the birth of your child and of you as a mother - and of a father, parent or grandparent.

    The way you birth sets you up for your journey of motherhood and is something you will remember for the rest of your life. 

    What's important to me is that you go into that labour and birth feeling confident, and physically and emotionally safe.


    doula supporting a woman in labour



    in your own home or birth place

    mums and bubs yoga class


    Awakening Yoga Studio

    4 Lewis Drive



    shamanic drum used for doula sessions during pregnancy and birth


    as preparation & during labour

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    Let's meet for a cuppa online or in person in Castlemaine. I am a doula who has been passionate about normal physiological birth for over 25 years. I am passionate about supporting women through labour and their sacred rite of passage into motherhood. I tell it like it is because my passion comes from a deep place of love and wanting the best for you and your family. Please contact me directly if there is no suitable time available.
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